1. Officially seven days left to pre-order #RollTheDice and guarantee your copy for the May 31st release event. Thanks to all who have supported thus far and those who may have the heart and not the funds! It’s all love! #DavehasWingz #WWWF


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    brother you fly man. 

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    "Low End Theory" (4) 10x8 pieces … for info on work like this email me at citizins@gmail.com #ATribeCalledQuest #ATCQ

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    I love this dope shiettt

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  6. nattyom asked: Hi Bobby, What is the definition of "success?"


    That’s subjective.  My personal success is quantified by being happy with what I do, proud of it, and inspired to pursue it.  Money is illusory, respect and glory are fleeting, and notoriety is empty.  At the end of your life - I believe - you have a legacy to leave behind. Make sure you told a good story, that you contributed to your community and to the world, and that you made people’s lives better for being in it.


  7. ethiopienne:

    Sunday April 27th, the Social Studies crew is hosting a Kickstarter jamboree in NYC. It’s a happy [hour] affair where you can eat, drink, dance and watch the NBA playoffs unabated if you’d like — but you can also HEAR from the Social Studies crew, WATCH our films, and CONTRIBUTE to our campaign.


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    And goodnight! Well good afternoon, good day, whatever, I gotta go back to work! #montageofmenswear #menswear #fashionconnoisseur #inspire2attire #ryanjorel


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    ONCE AGAIN IT’S ON! This Friday April 25th, I’ll be performing live in Winston Salem,NC at The Social Experiment hosted by Charles Ramsey I’ll be performing with other great artists as well so come out and enjoy life! GANG GANG!!! #RoddDNation #ThirtyOne #Hangar31 #FamousRepublic #TakeOff #Roundhouse #SpontaneousTour #MarlboroCounty #843 #Art #Photography #Artist #Greensboro. #WSSU #WakeForest #NorthCarolina #SouthCarolina #WinstonSalem




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    Dom Kennedy (@dopeitsdom) - Post Performance Interview - Millenium Center - Winston-Salem, NC 


  13. thefeatherbed:

    Dom Kennedy (@dopeitsdom) - Millenium Center - Winston-Salem, NC 


  14. thefeatherbed:

    Dom Kennedy (@dopeitsdom) & @DrewByrd  - Millenium Center - Winston-Salem, NC 


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    Check out this photo from The Broad Green Room!