1. Product swap and book previews with the don juan (@solefoodbrand) … He wrote my foreword for #RollTheDice and I’m forever grateful for his mentorship and support. The book is still on pre-order til April 30th if you haven’t copped yet.


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    New Purchase

    Polaroid One Step


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    Recent meet-n-greet with @acehenny to deliver a piece from camoufler by #egoleathergoods (at ELG HQ )


  4. 2 weeks left to get your pre-orders in and guarantee a copy the day of the release. #RollTheDice



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    Shoutsout to mannie fresh

    Go DJ

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  7. "If love is not enough. We don’t have to rush. Come around, I’ll slow it down just for you. Lady you should be. Right here next to me. Come around, I’ll slow it down just for you."

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    watsonlu , people cropping your photos again lol

    At least it’s got 10k notes. This photo will forever be cropped lol

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    I had the pleasure of being featured on @C_Jefferson_ essentials series: “The White Box Chronicles”. Keep it locked for an interview with Courtney Jefferson of Avant Garde coming soon to DavehasWingz.com.


    David Butler Instagram:  

    Basic Sketchbook

    Black & White Snapback [P&LBTW by @CharlieBzo]

    Business Card Holder x DavehasWingz Business Cards

    Gre-Dee Arts Queen City & DavehasWingz Micro Chains

    Custom Beaded Bracelets from @EclecticStar

    Nixon’s Gold Cannon

    Roll The Dice [Hard Cover Edition]

    15’ Macbook Pro


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    @tatiana_dieteman by @larsen_sotelo #lukevicious #losangeles #crop #westcoast #spring #summer #larsensotelo #photography


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    Well because the internet.. #TeamGambino

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    Childish Gambino - Sweatpants

    I don’t care what you say, this dude is a genius.